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Here is a great place to experience the transition of my sound from Reno to Nashville. The Reno Tracks (Bla Bla Cafe', And The Life & Portola) were recorded with Max Yasgur's Farm- Danny Mikeal, Larry Yarborough, Don Carpenter and Bene' Michael. Gust artists were Dan Pike adding violas to "And The Life" and Rick Sparks playing banjo on "Portola".

The Nashville musicians came out of Azalea Studios "Brecking Crew"- Chas Williams, Dave Hoffner, Ron de la Vega, Nancy Moran, Fett and Ron Krasinski. Special guests Tim Lorsch and Mike Daly sat in on Why Are Armadillos In Nashville?

The songs are:

Hey Boss, You're Fired

Bla Bla Cafe


And The Life

Like Don't Always Mean Love

Why Are Armadillos in Nashville?

The songs each contain a truth, realization, or discovery the character in each song is experiencing. For example, the Bla Bla Cafe' presents a heterosexual man at the Bla Bla Cafe' (A real place, by the way) on the verge of realizing why the women there are unresponsive to his advances. In Portola a railroad worker is discovering an answer to his loneliness through a Bible he finds laying around.

In other songs an employee finds his empowerment and takes his life back, a sunset brings tragedy to two families, love is reluctantly dawning on a doofus and of course we learn why armadillos migrate to Nashville.

I always try to give my Widespread Crew more than is available to the general public and EPIPHANY includes some specials for them as well. The Widespread Crew can download the songs before it is released to the public. They also have a special discounted price for the CD.

I hope you will have fun with all the things I'm making available. Perhaps you too will have an EPIPHANY!